About Tirupur

Tirupur is an ever vibrant city synonymous for its influence in the textile industry. Situated on the banks of river Noyyal with an area of 27.19 sq. kms, Tirupur owns an indisputable name across the world in the field of textile, knit wear and cloth making. This is perhaps the reason behind the city being called as the “Dollar city”.

The town is easily accessible from other cities like Coimbatore and Erode. It is mostly visited by business men and of course frequented by tourists for its temples. Popular temples built during the Chola period is still maintained and have gained prominence as tourist attractions. To mention a few the Sivanmalai Konganagiri hill hock temple, Vaalai Thottathu Ayyan temple, Tirupur Tirupathi temple, Sukreeswarar temple and Avinashiappar temple are thronged by visitors all thru the year. Tirupur is also in close proximity to hill stations like Valparai and Ooty.

The place boasts of a pleasant and enjoyable climate during most parts of the year. Summers are quite hot while the winters are never too cold. World famous cloth stores like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Diesel, Fila, etc import clothes from Tirupur. The city boasts of exporting cloth and other related materials worth over 12000 crores every year making it an obvious business hub.

Closest airport to Tirupur would be the Coimbatore airport located at approximately 28 kms away. Buses ply from different districts and other states due to its vibrancy. The city is also well connected via trains. All in all Tirupur is a wonderful place for a weekend trip, with its business legacy and pleasant climate.


  • Closest Airport to Tirupur is the Coimbatore airport
  • Distance from the Coimbatore airport ~ 28km


  • Well connected by trains
  • Distance from the railway station ~ 2km


  • Well connected by buses